Tuesday, 10 March 2009

We See Lights

introduction for The Mill magazine

We've been seeing a bright future for We See Lights since their debut EP landed last May, but they've since evolved from the trio that recorded that promising little sample into a seven-piece collective dedicated to playing with your heart-strings like puppeteers. A debut album is in the can and will be available imminently, but it's live where we suspect they will continue to excel. Take lead single and band anthem "Parachute" for an example: while male and female lead vocalists regretfully trade confessions, it's the sight of all seven members chanting the "break my fall" chorus that reminds us we've all done things we're not proud of. It then becomes a communal admission of fallibility, a group hug involving everyone in the room, even if you didn't know you needed comforting when you walked in. With four songwriters contributing to their setlists, and a revolving cast of lead singers, they manage to avoid repeating themselves while still retaining a distinct group character: one of bittersweet melancholy that uses open-hearted song as therapy. Don't catch them on a down day, or you might just walk out blubbing.


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