Thursday, 12 March 2009


introduction for The Mill magazine

Edinburgh-based music and arts collective FOUND have been Scotland's most curious indie band for almost three years now, deftly side-stepping easy summation because they prefer asking new questions to asserting familiar answers. Signed to Fife's Fence Collective, their experimental bent is certainly reminiscent of hallowed Fifers the Beta Band, ex-members of which they regularly collaborate with. FOUND are carrying that torch further, squeezing pop songs into the spaces between uncommon scaffold, and borrowing others' songs to remix into more intriguing shapes. Succintly self-described as "Unpredictable, noisy, melodic, daft, electronic-art-pop", FOUND are a far different proposition from Edinburgh's usual indie traditionalists, and it's that singular spirit which has earned them an invitation to this year's South-By-Southwest industry showcase in Austin, Texas. With two excellent albums (the first earning a rare 5-star review in The Skinny) and countless eye-opening, horizon-expanding shows under their belts, it's hard to imagine what oddities they could possibly come up with next; but with a seemingly endless array of weird and wonderful instruments to tease new ideas from, we don't doubt there's plenty more to follow.

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