Saturday, 14 March 2009

Super Adventure Club

introduction for The Mill magazine

99 reasons to love Super Adventure Club 1. Their name is a South Park reference 2. It's the name of an international paedophile ring that kidnaps Chef: "We just liked the name cos it's silly" singer Bruce explained to The Skinny 3. They named their debut album, released last year, Chalk Horror! 4. Partly because it's a pun, and they like doing silly things like punning 5. Partly because they have a song about a fight between prehistoric chalk monuments, including the Uffington Horse taunting the Rude Giant with "Saint George was no saint you see, but he never flashed his piece at me" 6. Their drummer Waz is amazing 7. They have a song about over-thought no-fun Math Rock, with lines like "a new rock and roll is here, it's based on algebra" 8. You could say Super Adventure Club play Math Rock 9. Which one dunderheaded reviewer thought was hypocritical 10. Crucially forgetting that Super Adventure Club were mocking the very austerity of the form 11. Which is obvious live with bassist Mandy grinning throughout 12. They have a song about the super obese, sung by grinning Mandy, with a chorus of: "No offence to Rik Waller but you're not that much smaller than the state of Tennessee" 13. The lyrics are not in fact the best thing about this band, because they are musicians, not comedians 14. Two-thirds are music teachers, and all three together are tighter than, em, Rik Waller's tights 15. Frank Zappa might be their most obvious single forebearer, for his eclectism, virtuosity and humour 16. Live they're ferocious, veering between metal, punk, power pop and noise 17. They have a new song about the link between hip-hop and Pot Noodles 18. Clearly, they do not know the meaning of cliche 19. Whaddaya mean there's no more

(Obviously this clever ruse doesn't work online. Don't ask me for 80 more reasons! Also, this was not actually published in this form, for hilarious reasons which I cannot reveal. But it was butchered a bit and squeezed into the March issue of The Skinny)

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