Friday, 18 July 2008

Santogold @ The Sub Club, Glasgow, 15/7

Santogold @ The Sub Club, Glasgow, July 15th (****)

live review for the skinny
Santogold's delayed again - but at least she's in the building this time. Originally due to play here in May, we finally get to see Miss Santi White in the flesh two months after she had to cancel her first Scottish performance due to voice problems. The Sub Club is the perfect environment for Santogold's pick'n'mix art-pop, with You'll Find A Way's battering bass assault particularly testing the sound system and getting full marks by way of a roaring applause. Crowd-member Vicky gives her all as a subbed-on dancer during Unstoppable, and a bigger (but still tiny) stage invasion during finale Creator only reinforces the impression that such a performer demands a bigger platform. Her vocals are perfect and she's evidently having a ball, while her stoney-faced backing singers swerve robotically to each new wave and dub bounce; but after waiting so long to see her, Santogold's half-hour set is brilliant but disappointingly brief.

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David said...

Cracking album too.