Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The Music @ ABC, 5 Jul

preview for the skinny

It takes either great balls and genius wit, or great idiocy, to name your band 'The Music' - no matter which way you shake it, it just sounds stupid. The Music was a big new thing back in 2001 (see?), belying an inauspicious Yorkshire background by roaring epic psychedelic lurches along The Second Coming lines, as if they were born for stadium jams; and the singer, Robert Harvey, wailed like his surname was Plant. Then, things went pear-shaped: the hype died down, the follow-up album was a flop, and Harvey's substance addictions dropped him in to depression. Now recovered and raring to go, this is the second coming of The Music: working their way back up towards achieving those stadium ambitions second time around, they also have a new album out this month. Just don't try to find it on the internet - ingeniously, their name is ungoogleable.

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