Saturday, 22 November 2008

some dudes on the train

live review for the skinny (****)
23:30 from Queen Street to Edinburgh, 16 Nov 2008

We're on the last train home, and it's mobbed. It's Sunday night. Some have been at Kanye West, some have been at TV On The Radio, some have been at Fucked Up, all are very tired. There's a dude sitting on the floor with a guitar, another with a bongo, another with a flute, and a lady is sitting, singing: Jump by Van Halen, Toxic by Britney Spears, Girls & Boys by Blur, No Limit by 2 Unlimited, and more. There's a part of me, the gnarly curmudgeonly part, that wants to be cynical, wants to deride them as hippy bloody students; but can't. An older gentleman is sitting behind them, loving it. 'I've misjudged the youth of today,' he thinks, 'because they get in my way and annoy me - but look at this!' Someone says "better than that support band!", and everyone agrees, no sarcasm in sight. Sure, we could all be pithy and dismissive, but why ruin the vibe? They give us a sticker, it says The Banana Sessions. How appropriate for a guerilla gig, boom tish. Check them out.

this went down exactly as is. Three Skinny writers were there to see it - myself, Darren Carle and Nick Mitchell - and we all really enjoyed it. I said I'd write it up, as a joke, but we weren't joking really. They entertained the train so, we thought they might appreciate the mention. It's apparently going in the print version of the mag next month, which is nice. Can't you feel the love in the room?

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TomBanana said...

Thanks loads for actually writing this up, Ally. We really do appreciate the mention, and I'll look out for it in the print version. We certainly hadn't planned a 'guerilla' gig, but I guess that's what it was. Might do a few more of them, now!

Stay Fruity.