Friday, 12 June 2009

Georgia's Horse - The Mammoth Sessions

Georgia's Horse - The Mammoth Sessions (**)
album review for the skinny

Georgia's Horse is a vehicle for the rather gorgeous voice of Teresa Maldonado, a Texan chanteuse who sketches similar characters to PJ Harvey on To Bring You My Love: aged-too-young girls and murderously neurotic wives. Maldonado's debut album The Mammoth Sessions is a record of intense intimacy, with production polish spurned in preference for dust-covered twanging guitars, eerily straining violins, melancholy piano motifs, and that voice, slurred as if by sedatives. In fact, it's all a little too sleepy, meaning the not-particularly-lengthy 53-minute running time feels a lot longer. If Maldonado can barely muster the energy to enunciate, it's little surprise that most songs are soporific in effect. A brief climax in Erzulie Dantor is stirring, but by the tenth track you'll be ready to drift off to sleep... and there's still three songs left to play.

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