Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Diplo, Morrissey & Holy Fuck in Scotland this month

previews for The Skinny

Morrissey @ Barrowlands, 7 May

We've long given up hope of a Smiths reunion, but any chance to see Morrissey with his current band of choice is a chance worth taking. New album Years Of Refusal adds another few crackers to the Moz solo canon, such as the Latin-tinged When I Last Spoke To Carol, and first single I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris. Best of all could be album closer I'm OK By Myself, which builds to a raucous climax that promises to be exhilirating live. Oh, and he might do one or two old songs too.

Holy Fuck @ Oran Mor, 11 May

There's a reason they're called Holy Fuck, and it's not just to be nakedly controversial. When The Skinny saw these guys on the tiny Relentless stage at last year's T In The Park, those were the words grabbed from everyone's throats by the sheer force of the music. No-one quite knew what was going on, only that a bunch of Canadians were making some kind of transcendental, spectral racket, and that it was moving, in a very physical way. It was arm-raising, eye-watering stuff. If you're not one for drugs, try Holy Fuck instead.

Diplo @ Cabaret Voltaire, 21 May

The reason everyone compares M.I.A. and Santigold (nee Santogold) is Wesley Pentz, aka Diplo, producer and one-time beau of the former, producer and remixer of the latter. He's an unstoppable record collector, a musical anthropologist who knows everything worth knowing about dub, reggae, hip-hop and electro, and has no qualms about moving between the genres at pace. Even better than Santogold's debut album was Diplo's mixtape with her, Top Ranking, which you can and should download for free if you've any doubts about the prospective merits of this night - and check out that bargain ticket price too (£5).

where's my photo of Diplo? Here. All the photos.

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