Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Super Adventure Club - Chalk Horror!

album review for the skinny

super adventure club - chalk horror! (****)

Welcome to the bonkers world of Super Adventure Club - Edinburgh's radgest new band - who'll knock you over one minute with an armour-piercing guitar assault before lifting you back up with a lullabied line about "Jabba The Hut phoning Pizza Hut, drinking cheap cider watching films with Rob Schneider”. But Super Adventure Club's batty humour doesn't make them a comedy band; you can't doubt the chops of two music teachers and a music student, and when second track Math Rock criticises over-thought, joyless music, you know exactly where they're coming from. Sure, they can switch from ballistic post-hardcore attacks to gentle hip-swinging grooves, from sludgy metal riffing to Zappa-esque synth wobbling; and sure lead vocalist Bruce Wallace is equally at home wailing like an unhinged lunatic as he is crooning a doleful falsetto; but Super Adventure Club know it’s no fun playing serious music if you have to take it seriously.


and that album cover deserves some sort of prize too

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