Saturday, 3 May 2008

Prince at Coachella - 'Creep'

full Coachella breakdown to come...


An hour or so in to his set, Prince staggered us all with a cover of Radiohead's 'Creep' - but let’s get one thing straight – the staggering thing about this wasn’t the standard of the rendition, but the fact that the man who sang about shagging his sister on Dirty Mind in 1980 was now covering a grunge-inspired British wallow in self-pity. I'm a huge Radiohead fan, but 'Creep' is a fairly detestable song, celebrating an all too human weakness that most of us grow out of after adolescence and become better people for getting over. Prince Purple Rained all over it, re-calibrating his 'Creep' into a synth-based power ballad that laid even more sentimentality on top of the already-indulgent self-pitying. Sure, it was a great spectacle, but self-deprecating sorrow is not a look that suits Prince. Besides, having him sing "I don't belong here" while on-stage is plainly ludicrous.


(all versions of this seem to have been taken off YouTube!)


Sophie said...

I completely disagree with you. Seeing a vulnerable side of Prince was incredible. It was a great surprise to see him perform this song, actually it's one of the only Radiohead song I like. Funny that he then performed this particular song. Overall Prince did as expected and unusual an unforgetable and amazing show!

Anonymous said...

"Detestable"? Y'deaf?