Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Jamie Lidell - Jim

Jamie Lidell - Jim (***)
album review for the skinny

Rarely does a musician execute quite so huge an about-turn as Jamie Lidell did in 2005, when the previously Aphex-inspired glitch man released a 60s-inspired soul and funk record called Multiply. Despite the retro-gazing, Multiply was a wonderfully presented showcase for a unique new voice in soul, bursting with light and energy in all the right places. Since then, soul has become quite a force in British pop, and Jim could well take advantage of that, mostly comprising jaunty, up-beat soul-pop that'd perfectly fit on any sunny day-time radio playlist. Jim is at its best when Lidell injects some sass and stomp into proceedings, as on 'Figured Me Out' and 'Hurricane', but these two highlights are all but cancelled out by two time-wasting steps into drippy balladry. Despite some great moments, Jim doesn't quite reward multiple listens as a full-length in the way its predecessor did: it's as lightweight as a kite, and just as likely to breeze on past your head.

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